An Unusual Love Story

My book, reGeneration: Stories of Resilient Faith in Communist Romania, is written for the next generation of International Workers, those who will take the Good News to hard places in our world. It is also written for faithful men and women in local churches who support those who go by their prayers, encouragement and financial support. They join forces with those who will go to the nations.

In Chapter 5 (“Lambs Among Wolves: The Local Church and Mission”). I tell the story of how as a young adult I fell in love with a local church, Foothills Alliance Church in Calgary, AB. It was my first experience of the unusual relationship that can exist between a local body of believers and someone seeking to know God’s call – sort of a reenactment of Acts 13 – an unusual love story in which the elders of the church recognized my gifts for ministry, affirmed my growing sense of God’s call, and voiced their commitment to explore with me what God’s call might mean. Read the story of that morning in April 1978 when the elders asked to speak with me after church. They stood around me in the lobby, telling me they recognized God’s call on my life and were ready to stand with me if I was willing to take the next steps to prepare for ministry. And they did! Their legacy lives on in me and in others whom they have affirmed down through the years. The elders of this church named my book the “Legacy Project.”

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