One Year Ago

Originally posted on Facebook October 30, 2020.

One year ago In Romania!

I spoke briefly to a women’s conference organized by Vio Ticarat who is related to me in faith (2 Timothy 2:2) having been mentored by Ica Popa who was mentored by Nicoletta Mitra who was in one of our 1st Generation group in Oradea during the 80’s…. Vio has mentored hundreds of young women through groups that study Linda Dillow’s Creative Counterpart! Until this trip I’d never met the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation!

So if you’ve sown seeds don’t be discouraged! God’s Word will yield a bountiful harvest! Read my book, soon to be released — reGENERATION: Stories of Resilient Faith in Communist Romania (Word Alive Press).

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